Warner Brothers has started to reveal the results of its powwow on comic movies (see “DC, Warner Mull Movies”); it would like to have two DC movies among the six to eight “tentpole” movies a year it hopes to release by 2011, according to the Wall Street Journal.  This is part of a larger strategy by the studio to cut the number of releases and focus on fewer, bigger movies.  In the wake of the success of Dark Knight, it also plans to focus on the evil side of the DC superheroes, including Superman, studio chief Jeff Robinov told the Journal. 


Two multi-superhero movies that have been in development, Justice League of America and Batman vs. Superman have been shelved in favor of a Marvel-like strategy of introducing individual characters in their own films in a run-up to a big group film (Justice League in DC’s case, Avengers in Marvel’s). 


Plans for Warner’s DC movies will be announced soon, but it hopes to release four films featuring DCU characters in the next three years.  The third Batman film and a new take on Superman (the $215 million take of Superman Returns underwhelmed the studio) will be two of those; the others may be drawn from among Green Lantern, Flash, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman, all of which are in active development.