The Dark Knight crossed $500 million in domestic box office receipts over the weekend, and it’s now less than $100 million behind the #1 all-time movie, Titanic, which has grossed just over $600 million.  Its weekend take was around $11 million, and its total after the weekend, its seventh, stands at $504 million. 


Worldwide, The Dark Knight has crossed $417 million, putting it at $922 million in total receipts.  It may not hit $600 million domestically (it’s expected to top out at around $530 million), but it may very well hit $1 billion worldwide. 


The Dark Knight was #3 for the four day weekend.  Tropic Thunder came in at #1 again, and Babylon A.D., the new Vin Diesel science fiction epic, was #2 with a somewhat disappointing $12 million gross.  The remake of Roger Corman’s Death Race was #6 at $8.2 million, down 35% from its first week.  Star Wars: The Clone Wars slipped out of the top 10.