Tokyopop and Harper Collins are planning the January release of a manga based on Frewin Jones’ popular YA fantasy series, The Faerie Path.  The Faerie Path: Lamia’s Revenge #1: The Serpent Awakes ($7.99) features art by Alison Acton and will be released on January 27th, the same day that Harper Collins is publishing  the third of the of The Faerie Path prose novels in paperback. 


The Faerie Path manga, which is the first volume in a projected trilogy, presents a whole new adventure featuring Tania the Faerie princess, who is known as the 16-year-old Anita (note the anagram) in the mortal world.  With its new narrative the manga trilogy is not an adaptation of The Faerie Path prose saga, which has become one of the most popular new fantasy series among teenage female readers, but it features the same characters and should appeal to the same audience.