DC Comics is rush soliciting The Spirit Special #1, a 32-page, full color collection of four classic Will Eisner stories intended to introduce modern readers to Eisner’s timeless creation, which is the subject of the Frank Miller movie debuting on Christmas Day.  The Spirit Special #1 (cover price $2.99) ships to retail on November 19th and has a final order cutoff date of October 30th.


DC’s Vice President of Sales Bob Wayne noted that DC was “pleased to offer this Special based on suggestions made at the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas.  This issue will be a great way to introduce curious customers to The Spirit as the movie gets closer.”


The Spirit Special #1 features a cover and four great stories by Will Eisner including “Sign of the Octopus” from 1947, “Black Alley” from 1949, plus “Sand Seref” and “Bring in Sand Seref “from 1950.


Of course DC has a number of bound volumes of The Spirit available for those who become interested in the character because of the movie or The Spirit Special #1.  The Spirit Archives are deluxe, meticulously produced hardcovers priced at $49.99, but DC also has a wonderful The Best of The Spirit Collection of 22 vintage Eisner stories for $14.95 and two volumes of the new Spirit series by Darwyn Cooke available in hardcover for $24.99.