Watchmen director Zack Snyder is getting close to a release version of Watchmen, having edited the film down to 2 hours and 35 minutes, roughly comparable to The Dark Knight’s 2 hours and 32 minutes, according to an interview with Sci .  Still Snyder said, “The movie’s pretty long compared to 300, which was an hour and 58 minutes," but then Snyder also revealed that his own “director’s cut” of Watchmen, which is likely to find its way on to a Watchmen DVD, runs 3 hours and 10 minutes, and according to Snyder has “more of the details that make it closer to the graphic novel.”


Another element from the Watchmen graphic novel that will be available only on the DVD is Snyder’s animated adaptation of Watchmen’s faux EC meta-comic, Tales of the Black Freighter (see “Tales of the Black Freighter Anime”).  Snyder told SciFi that "The Black Freighter version of the movie that we're working on--which has the ins and outs of the Black Freighter comic book woven through it, with an animated version of the Black Freighter--will be about three hours and 40 minutes, so there's a huge epic version of Watchmen, which will probably come out after the movie's theatrical release, for hardcore [fans]."  Let’s hope the “epic” version of Watchmen is available and easily accessible on DVD so that fans of the most popular graphic novel of 2008 can enjoy it.