The networks are releasing their fall schedules and the WB, which scored a major hit with Smallville last season, is bringing that series back for a second season and adding another comic-based series from the Smallville producing team.  Birds of Prey, which will follow Dawson's Creek on Wednesday night, is based on the DC Comic of the same name, and features three sexy female crime fighters led by 'Oracle,' who was formerly known as Batgirl before a fusillade of hot lead from the Joker put her in a wheelchair. Oracle, played by Dina Meyer in the TV series, is aided by the 'Huntress' (played by Ashley Scott of Dark Angel).  For the purpose of the TV show at least, the Huntress is the secret daughter of Batman and Catwoman.  The third person in this crime-fighting team is the blonde and beautiful Black Canary, played by Rachel Skarsten.


ICv2 predicted that the WB would pick up Birds of Prey almost as soon as the network ordered a pilot (see 'Birds of Prey To Fly On TV Next Fall?'), based on the success of the Smallville series from the same producers.  While Marvel currently rules the big screen, DC, with a combination of live action and animated shows, is the comic publisher that dominates television.  The syndicated Mutant X just doesn't provide much competition for DC's network series.