An ICv2 Release.  ICv2 has announced the release of the ICv2 Insider's Guide #63 with year-end coverage of all types of graphic novels, manga, anime, and DVDs, plus ICv2's Pick Hits designating the top graphic novel, manga, and anime releases scheduled for the second quarter of 2009.  As a bonus feature the new ICv2 Insider's Guide features charts detailing the top graphic novel and manga releases of 2008 in all categories.  In addition the new Guide includes reviews of graphic novels, manga, anime and games.

For an overview of the content of ICv2 Insider's Guide #63, check out "Recession Catches Up With GNs in Q4."  For the "Top 25 Manga Properties of 2008" see the "Top 25 Manga Properties of 2008."  For the "Top 10 Superhero Properties of 2008" see "Top 10 Superhero Properties of 2008."  For the "Top 10 Fiction & Reality Graphic Novels of 2008," see "Top 10 Fiction & Reality GNs 2008."

The ICv2 Insider's Guide is being released to the trade by Alliance Game Distributors, Diamond Comic Distributors, Bookazine, AAA Anime, Skyline Distribution, and others.

For those interested in subscribing to the ICv2 Insider's Guide, please visit the ICv2 Online Store (click here).  Or if you are interested in ordering a single copy of the ICv2 Insider's Guide #63, please click here.  For pop culture retailers, if your distributor is on the list above, just ask for your free copy of the ICv2 Insider's Guide; or if not, e-mail Dennis Viau at our office at to request a copy (valid pop culture retailers only please).