Farscape is Boom Studios’ #1 comic series, according to the company.  The first issue sold out and was reprinted, and Boom is going back to press with #2, which also sold out. 


We asked what that meant for numbers, and heard back from CEO Ross Richie.  “Including nearly selling through on the second print, we are cresting 20,000 total copies of the first issue,” Richie said.  “The second printing of #1 is three quarters gone.”  Those sales include all channels. 


Rockne S. O’Bannon, who created the Farscape TV series, is scripting the comic, which he’s calling “Season 5” (see “O’Bannon Scripting Farscape Comic”).  Farscape, which has not had new episodes since 2003, remains a potent licensing force with a loyal following.