Aurora Publishing has announced that Chikia Shiomi’s latest series, the shojo horror/fantasy manga, Queen of Ragtonia, will be a Borders Exclusive for the next four months.  The first volume of Queen of Ragtonia ($10.95) is on sale now in the Borders and Waldenbooks chains and will be available to other retailers in August. 


Queen of Ragtonia is Shiomi’s remake of a doujinshi series that she created before her debut as a professional mangaka.  The ongoing saga, which appears in the pages of Shodensha’s Mugen Anthology Gensou Collection, focuses on the struggle of Princess Faina, whose family is wiped out in a bloody massacre engineered by a ruthless Necromancer, to regain her throne and free her country from horror and destruction.  Shiomi, who is responsible for the Canon, Night of the Beasts, and Yurara manga series, creates fast-paced, action-packed narratives that appeal to both shojo and shonen readers.