We’ve gotten pretty accustomed to the idea that properties from geek culture can get licensed in categories pretty far afield from the core, but every once in a while something comes in that still raises an eyebrow, and since we saw two such examples for the new Star Trek movie today, we thought we’d share them with you:  the Star Trek teddy bears and fragrances (different companies).


Genki Wear is producing three Star Trek fragrances, two for men and one for women.  The two for men are Tiberius (after the “T.” in James T. Kirk), and Red Shirt Cologne (“because tomorrow may never come”).  For women, there’s Pon Farr Perfume ("leave logic behind").  All at $29.99.


Vermont Teddy Bear is producing two Star Trek teddies, for Kirk and Spock, at a hefty $99.95 MSRP.  The Spock version, at 15”, has "buttercream" fur, Vulcan ears, black boots and pants, and a blue shirt with the Starship Enterprise insignia.  And contrary to the original TV version (we didn’t check the heights of the actors for the movie), the Kirk teddy is slightly taller, at 16”, with “honey” fur, black pants and boots, and a gold shirt with the U.S.S. Enterprise command insignia.