Gary Reed and Rafael Nieves’ Transfuzion Publishing will collect Don Lomax’s Harvey-nominated Vietnam Journal into a series of graphic novels, beginning in October.  Transfuzion plans to vary the length of the collections based on the story arcs; the first volume will be 140 pages for $17.99. 


Transfuzion will release bi-monthly volumes collecting Vietnam Journal, followed by collections of three miniseries:  Tet ’68, Bloodbath at Khe Sanh, and High Shining Brass.  Additional material created for Gallery Magazine (47 full color pages), New Two Fisted Tales (18 pages), and Lomax’s Website will also be collected. 


Reed has said he’d also like to publish Lomax’s Desert Storm Journal, based on Gulf War I. 


Two previous attempts to collect Vietnam Journal died aborning.  Apple Comics, which published the original series, released two volumes, and Byron Preiss’ iBooks released one.