The heirs of Jerry Siegel have won another round in court because of a comment on Newsarama by long-time publisher and agent Denis Kitchen to a blog post by Jeff Trexler.  The ruling in federal court determined that the Seigel heirs own the rights to Action Comics #4; Superman #1, pages 3-6; and the first two weeks worth of Superman daily newspaper strips.  The court had earlier held that the Siegel heirs owned the rights to Action #1 (see “Siegel Heirs Win Superman Case”). 


The Kitchen comment revealed that Siegel and collaborator Russel Keaton had produced scripts far in advance of the release of Action #1.  As a result of additional evidence obtained from Kitchen and presented to the court, the judge ruled that the work in the material listed above was not work for hire, and that the Siegel heirs had successfully recaptured the copyrights.