Capstone Press, which released the non-fiction Graphic Science series of graphic novels featuring super scientist Max Axiom, has announced a series of six Graphic Expeditions volumes featuring archaeologist Dr. Isabel “Izzy” Soto.  The 32-page full color graphic novels have a social studies focus and are designed as accessible reading material for beginning, struggling, and reluctant grade school readers.  The sturdy hardcover volumes, which are priced at $19.95, are targeted at schools and libraries.  Volumes contain glossaries, sidebars, diagrams, timelines and bibliographies.


The first six Graphic Expedition volumes, which have a Grades 3-4 reading level, are Investigating Machu Picchu, Building the Great Wall of China, Exploring the Titantic, Rescue in Antarctica, Tracking Bigfoot, and Uncovering Mummies.  These volumes are available now.  Four additional Graphic Expedition titles are scheduled for January, 2010.