Diamond has added three more small publishers to its book division:  IDW Publishing, publisher of graphic novels by Ashley Wood, Chuck Dixon, and others, and the upcoming Armitage III Art Book (see 'IDW Armitage III Art Book') and Mage Knight comic (see 'IDW/WizKids Team Up for Comic'); Guardians of Order, publisher of RPGs and guide books based on anime properties (see 'Guardians of Order Adds Anime Fan Guides'), as well as other RPG products including Silver Age Sentinels, its superhero RPG coming both in d20 and non-d20 versions (see 'd20 Superhero RPG'); and comic publisher Alternative Comics, which has published Titans of Finance (see 'Titans of Finance') and 9-11:  Emergency Relief (see 'Titans of Finance'), among others.  


All three publishers granted Diamond the exclusive right to represent them to the bookstore, library, and specialty markets; Alternative and Guardians of Order included the warehouse club and mass merchandise markets.  All three publishers are continuing to sell through their existing hobby/comic distributors to pop culture stores.   


These are the first new clients added since Diamond formally announced the formation of its book division (see 'Diamond Forms New Book Division'), and include the first Diamond publisher client in the game category.  Still, Diamond basically has Marvel and a lot of small, albeit high quality, fish.  Big fish Tokyopop and Dark Horse have not yet indicated where they're headed in the wake of the LPC bankruptcy.