Stan Tychinski of Collectible Dreams in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania took an extra sarcasm pill before composing this missive.  He's upset about the Yu-Gi-Oh shortage for the hobby, among other things (see 'Yu-Gi-Oh Still in Short Supply in Hobby Stores'):


Just to add my 2 cents on this debacle...


We doubled our order on the second series Yu-Gi-Oh: Metal Raiders, and this week received a grand total box!  And it was completely gone in 5 minutes.


Diamond Comics response: 'It's a hot product, allocations will occur.'


Yippee...the kids love waiting for more to come.  Just like Christmas in July!  And since they're all so loyal to our shops, they'll of course refuse to pick cards up at Kay Bee Toys or Electronic Boutique.


I'm wondering if Marvel Comics is giving sales advice to Upper Deck?  You know, short print the items and then foster the myth of having customers haunt your shop daily to see if the new issue of Origin came in, thereby creating a 'BUZZ' on that product?


Hey, I heard Upper Deck is going to get Kevin Smith to go on the Tonight Show again to promote Yu-Gi-Oh with the same amount of enthusiasm shown for Spiderman & the Black Cat!  Can't wait!


That'll get 'em in here!