Copies of pages from Dragon Ball Vol. 1 were distributed at the Wicomico County (Maryland) Council meeting this week by Councilman Joe Holloway, who said it was drawn to his attention by a mother whose nine-year-old checked it out of the Pittsville Elementary and Middle School library.  The pages depicted nudity and some sexual allusions, according to a report by Delmarva Media Group (Gannett).  Holloway called the volume “disgusting.”


Superintendent of Schools John Fredericksen was present at the meeting for another reason, and said in response, “I’d say it’s coming off the shelves as soon as I can get a phone call back to the office.”  He said that the graphic novels were included in school libraries to appeal to students who otherwise aren’t interested in reading, and that this volume was probably purchased with grant money.  The book will be reviewed by a committee, according to Superintendent Fredericksen.