Around 550 different comic issues were released in the global English-language launch of Digital Comics for the PSP last week (see “Digital Comics for PSP”).  Among the 80 titles were Marvels from the 1941 Captain America to World War Hulk (2007); IDW titles such as Star Trek and Transformers; key material from Disney Europe such as the ubiquitous Wizards of Mickey (see “Disney DigiComics’ Global Launch”); and titles from Titan, 2000AD, Archie, and Image.  Notable absences include DC and Dark Horse.   


Three price points are offered:  $.99, $1.99, and $2.99.  Some free books are also available.   The reader for the PSP Digital Comics was included in a recent PSP firmware update.


The PSP immediately becomes the second-leading venue for mobile comics after the iPhone, based on number of offerings.  It joins the iPhone, Android, Nintendo DSi and Kindle as mobile devices that can buy and read comics.