Two new titles for the Robotech Role-Playing Game, a new core book and a new sourcebook, are scheduled for release this summer, the 25th Anniversary of the classic anime series.


Robotech UEEF Marines Sourcebook, by Jason Marker and Kevin Siembieda, provides a complete examination of the United Earth Expeditionary Force Marine Corps, including history, tactics, operations, and missions.  New skill packages for playing UEEF Marines, new weapons, gear, and vehicles are also included.  This title will be presented in manga size and format at $14.95, scheduled for a late May or June release date


Robotech New Generation, by Kevin Siembieda and Irvin Jackson, will be a new core sourcebook for the Robotech Role-Playing Game.  The book will feature rules for using equipment from all four Robotech eras, new kit-based mecha, information about Freedom Fighters and the resistance, new equipment, new mecha, adventures, and stats for NPC’s and villains.  Also presented manga size; planned at $16.95 for release in July or August. 


Palladium Books also plans nine new books for its popular Rifts series over the next few months:  Dimensional Outbreak and Heroes of the Megaverse for March, Triax Two and Thundercloud Galaxy in April, Lemuria for May, Vampire Kingdoms:  Expanded and Updated in June, Vampire Sourcebook in July, and Megaverse in Flames for August.  Issue #49 of The Rifter magazine will release in March, followed in April by issue #50.


Superhero RPG Heroes Unlimited receives a new title in July called Armageddon Unlimited.