The New York Times did a feature story on Green Lantern #154 in its August 13th edition, beginning above the fold on the front page of the 'Arts' section. The story included a full-size color page from the book, which is scheduled for release September 11.  The story is headed 'A Comic Book Gets Serious on Gay Issues,' with 'A Major Character Becomes a Victim of a Hate Crime' as the subhead.  The GL story, by Judd Winick and Dale Eaglesham, will be the first part of a two-parter focusing on the gay-bashing of character Terry Berg, drawing on the Matthew Shepard and Brandon Teena attacks.  Much of the Times story recounts the genesis of the story from the viewpoints of editor Bob Schreck and writer Winnick. 


GL #154 cover illo

There will undoubtedly be some immediate sales benefit from the direct publicity in the third largest newspaper in the country and the local coverage that generally follows such high profile national coverage.  But the biggest positive of the Times coverage is the continued recognition by this respected arbiter of culture that comics are a serious art form with serious things to say to adults.