Dark Horse Comics is teaming up with the revived Hammer Films studio to create comics and graphic novels based on Hammer movies.  Although Hammer is known for classic 1950s Technicolor horror movies like the Horror of Dracula and The Curse of Frankenstein, the first Dark Horse/Hammer project will be based on Let Me In, a new “Hammer” film that is a remake of the innovative 2008 Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In, a movie in which the vampires turn out to be the “good guys,” at least when compared with the film’s middle school bullies.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marc Andreyko will write the Let Me In comic, which will “incorporate some of the film’s characters and mythology with some fresh themes.”  The Hammer remake of Let the Right One In is due out in October, which likely means that Dark Horse’s comic series will debut sometime next fall.