NECA/WizKids has extended its license from Warner Bros. Consumer Products for DC HeroClix in a multi-year deal.  The extension includes a number of additional DC HeroClix products for release in 2010 in addition to Watchmen (see “Watchmen HeroClix”), Blackest Night Starter Game (see “Blackest Night HeroClix”), and the previously released Brave and Bold (see “The Brave and the Bold”). 


Three additional releases are now scheduled:  Jonah Hex, based on the film, out soon; Brightest Day Action Pack, out in October, and the DC 75th Anniversary Set, out in November. 


WizKids President Lax Chandra reported that sales on the company’s Brave & Bold set was 30% higher than the previous DC HeroClix release (during the Topps era).