The pirate manga site made Google’s list of the 1000 most-visited sites on the Web, coming in at #935 with an estimated 4.2 million unique visitors per month.  Google’s list, which excludes adult sites, is considered the gold standard when it comes to overall comparative measurements of activities on the Web. 


While ranking in the 900s might not appear to be such a big deal, managed to attract as many visitors per month as the highly regarded Mayo Clinic medical site and more than Toys ‘R  Perhaps more importantly the 4.2 million unique visitors generated over 1.1 billion page views per month, which would appear to indicate that those who frequent the site use it extensively.  To find a non-social network site with that number of page views, you have to go well into the 600s on the Google list.


The information concerning the size of’s audience is sure to inspire the debate over the impact of pirated scanlations of manga on the recent decline of manga sales in North America (see “A Second Bad Year in a Row for Manga”).