Since Bandai Entertainment released the original Big O anime series on DVD (all four volumes are still available), it comes as no surprise that Bandai will also be packaging the second Big O series for the American video market.  The original Big O series (see 'Big O Debut Set'), with its echoes of Batman Animated and Fritz Lang's Metropolis, did very well for the Cartoon Network, and various American companies including Bandai were reportedly involved in financing a second Big O series.  Big O 2 will appear on the Cartoon Network sometime in the fairly near future though no date has been announced.


For retailers the return of the Big O to the Cartoon Network is good news since in addition to DVDs from Bandai Entertainment, Bandai America has created Big O toys (see 'Bandai To Produce Anime Collector Sets') and Viz has published a Big O manga (see 'Viz To Publish Big O Manga').