The Yu-Gi-Oh anime series has scored a breakout hit on the first Saturday of the new season.  The Kids WB Network released ratings this week that showed that the Yu-Gi-Oh series reached its highest ratings ever on September 7, when it dominated all over-the-air and cable competition for Boys 6-11, Kids 6-11, and Tweens 9-14.  The 11 am (ET, PT) regular broadcast of Yu-Gi-Oh was the number 1 show during the Saturday morning time period, while a special 11:30 bonus episode of Yu-Gi-Oh was the second most-watched program. 


Yu-Gi-Oh's fast start this fall is no surprise, since signs of its dominance were apparent early in the summer (see 'Yu-Gi-Oh Tops Saturday Morning Ratings').  The Yu-Gi-Oh CCG from Upper Deck has established itself as one of the biggest, if not the biggest hit of the gaming world in 2002 (see 'Yu-Gi-Oh Is White Hot').  In November the Yu-Gi-Oh manga series, which spawned both the anime and the CCG, begins its run in the American edition of Shonen Jump (see 'DBZ and Yu-Gi-Oh Headline U.S. Shonen Jump'), which should help keep the property in the public eye.  In addition to the CCG and Shonen Jump there are Yu-Gi-Oh toys from Mattel and videos coming from Funimation.