Plans for Free Comic Book Day 2003 are underway, and the first order of business is selecting a date.  To do so, the committee charged with organizing the event is taking a comic retailer poll via the Diamond Website between two major comic-based movie releases -- X-Men 2 and The Hulk--as the anchor events for FCBD.  X-Men 2 is due for release the first weekend in May, the same weekend as Free Comic Book Day (and its tie-in with the release of Spider-Man) was held this year.  Ang Lee's The Hulk is due for release June 20.  FCBD originator Joe Field and Marvel EIC Joe Quesada have penned essays promoting their favorites (Fields favors X-Men 2, Quesada favors The Hulk) to give retailers the arguments in favor of each. 


The FCBD organizing committee has expanded its membership this year, and now includes retailers, publishers and Diamond.  Current members are:

Joe Field (Flying Colors, FCBD originator)

Gib Bickel (The Laughing Ogre)

Amanda Fisher (Splash Page)

Bill Liebowitz (Golden Apple)

Diamond Comic Distributors

DC Comics

Dark Horse Comics

Image Comics

Marvel Comics

Wizard Entertainment

Alternative Comics

Comics Buyers Guide

One Press

Top Shelf Productions