New York Comic Con crowds were smaller on Sunday than on Saturday, but still filled the building to every corner. 


She’s costumed as a member of the Perfect Four, promoting The Misadventures of Electrolyte and the Justice Purveyors.











Fans are excited about the upcoming Thor movie.













Looks like she’s with Mary Jane.













Some of the anime cosplayers had very elaborate costumes.













And some just laid it all out there.










The international presence at the show grew this year, with a major presence by KOCCA (promoting Korean content) and for the Tianjin Hi-tech Digital Technology Company from China.










Videogame exhibit space had doubled since the last show, including a major presence for Dead Space 2.








There was a lot of sponsorship and booth promotion of upcoming DVDs (such as Scott Pilgrim) at the show, but this $5.99 booth may have better displayed the state of the DVD biz.










The Green Hornet display was one of a number of set-ups that made the 3000-mile trip from San Diego to New York; the Aliens attraction was another. 




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