Bill Willingham and Monkey House Games have reached an agreement for Monkey House to re-release two adventures by Willingham for the classic superhero roleplaying game Villains & Vigilantes in 2011.  The adventures “represent some of my earliest published work,” according to Willingham. 


Willingham’s V&V adventures are the “rough draft” of Willingham’s Elementals.  Willingham explained the current relationship to his other characters.  “I am enfolding the Destroyers and Doctor Apocalypse into what I am calling the Mount Pelion Universe, my brand new superhero world,” Willingham said.  Mount Pelion stories have already appeared in print and will continue to appear here and there.”


The adventures, Death-Duel with the Destroyers and The Island of Doctor Apocalypse, will work in the Villains and Vigilantes 2.1 game system.  The 2.1 system updates the 1982 version, and was the first product released by Monkey House, formed by V&V creators Jeff Dee and Jack Herman.