The Marietta, Georgia-based graphic novel and comic publisher Top Shelf Productions has signed with powerhouse agency ICM for media rights representation. ICM represents a number of high profile comic book creators including Grant Morrison, Jeff Smith, Paul Pope, Todd McFarlane, Terry Moore, Kurt Busiek, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray.
Top Shelf has published a number of works by Alan Moore including From Hell, Lost Girls, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (see “Next LOEG in July”), as well as graphic novels by Alex Robinson (Box Office Poison), Jeffrey Brown (Clumsy), Matt Kindt (Super Spy), Jeff Lemire (Essex County), and James Kolchalka (American Elf). In 2009 Disney’s Touchstone Pictures produced Surrogates, a science fiction film starring Bruce Willis that was based on the Top Shelf comic book series written by Robert Venditti.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the signing of Top Shelf is the first announced deal from ICM’s new Media Rights division.