IDW Publishing, one of the leading publishers of comics and graphic novels based on licensed properties has announced the September 2011 release of a new monthly Ghostbusters comic book series. No creative team has been announced yet for the IDW series, which will be the first monthly U.S. Ghostbusters comic since Now Comics’ The Real Ghostbusters which appeared from 1988-1992.
Meanwhile production of the Ghostbusters 3 movie remains stuck in Limbo.  Deadline reports that everyone including GB star Dan Ackroyd and director Harold Ramis, along the rest of the Ghostbusters creative team loves the GB 3 script penned by The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky. According to Deadline, Ghostbusters 3 is “an immediate go” if Bill Murray agrees to do it. The problem is that the idiosyncratic Murray is apparently in no hurry to read the screenplay.