Comic-Con News—At its final panel of the show Marvel also announced a new Incredible Hulk series, which will be written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Marc Silvestri.  The new series, which was described as “very visceral and in your face” will debut in October with The Incredible Hulk #1.
In a video message to the fans at Comic-Con Aaron promised that his version of the Hulk would be “a book that will once again focus in on the tumultuous relationship between super scientist Bruce Banner and the big green monster that was once upon a time born out of him.  But expect that dynamic to be really flipped on its ear.”  Aaron notes that the Banner/Hulk conflict used to an internal one, but in his first story arc, which is called “Hulk Asunder,” the Banner/Hulk struggle is external and “explodes out into the Marvel Universe.”  Where once there was just one being now there are two. 
As Aaron put it, “Incredible Hulk #1 is the first step on the road to the biggest, craziest Hulk vs. Banner throwdown in Marvel history.”