Marvel has unveiled a few more of the members of Wolverine’s “Gold Team” in the divided world of the X-Men post the great schism.  There are a few surprises in today’s revelations.  The course of true love evidently does not run smooth through the Marvel Universe.  Kitty Pryde and her alien dragon buddy Lockheed are siding with Wolvie in spite of the fact that Kitty’s boyfriend Colossus has joined up with Cyclops.  Also it appears that Toad, a one-time member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, is joining up with Wolverine.
In the latest, though still incomplete, version of Nick Bradshaw’s multi-cover Gold Team panorama it is clear that Gambit and Rogue are back in X-Men: Legacy #259, and it certainly looks like Frenzy will be in that book as well.

In the new image of the Bradshaw variant cover for X-Factor #230, it is now apparent that Monet and Richtor will be on the team, but the fate of Madrox and Longshot remains in doubt. With the prophetic notation in the November solicitation that one member of the team will die, it will almost surely be one of those two—with the betting here that Jamie “Multiple Man” Madrox will be the designated casualty.

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Today’s Uncanny X-Force reveal was quite obvious from the rather unmistakable silhouette, but here is definite confirmation that Deadpool will  join the previously revealed Nightcrawler.  The remaining silhouettes appear to be Psylocke and Fantomex, but whatever happened to Archangel?