Dark Horse will publish a new three issue Shaolin Cowboy miniseries by Geof Darrow in 2012.  The new story builds on the story created for the publication for the first series by the Wachowski brothers’ Burlyman Entertainment.  Shaolin Cowboy has been in development in animated form by Japanese studio Madhouse (see “ICv2 Comics and Media Conference Speakers”).

Dark Horse has also announced a new relationship with Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson.  The pair will be bringing their new collaboration, The Massive, to Dark Horse for a three-part story in Dark Horse Presents beginning in #8 in January, followed by The Massive comic series launching in June.  The story follows a group of direct action environmentalists sailing the oceans after an environmental apocalypse.  Wood placed the work in his over-all oeuvre: “The Massive is the next logical step in my creative output: the world-building and politics of DMZ with the humanity of Northlanders, amped up and truly global in scope,” Wood said.

Wood and Donaldson will also be collaborating on a new 25-issue Conan storyline beginning in March, Conan: Queen of the Black Cat.

And the Dark Horse comic series Ghost is getting spruced up for a revival.  First up is a new “found item” style game, a first person mystery (FPM) game based on the property by Gamers Digital.  The new game will launch in early 2012 for PC, MAC, and iOS platforms.  The game “will kick off bringing Ghost back into the public consciousness because that’s one of the characters we’re looking to re-launch,” a Dark Horse spokesperson told ICv2.