Valiant Entertainment has announced that the first book in the new Valiant universe will be X-O Manowar, which will launch on May 2nd.  In its first incarnation during the heady early 90s, the title’s predecessor sold over 8 million copies during its run.
X-O Manowar will be written by Robert Venditti (The Surrogates), with art by Cary Nord (Conan).  It will tell the story of a leader of the Visogoths who captures the X-O Manowar armor, the most powerful weapon in the universe, but then finds himself in modern times, 1600 years later.  Covers will be by Nord and Esad Ribic.
Valiant was recapitalized last summer (see “Valiant Returns”), and has since been building its organization (see “Fred Pierce Back at Valiant”) and solidifying its distribution (see “Valiant Goes Exclusive with Diamond”).