Dynamite Entertainment has announced the April debut of Voltron: Year One, a second licensed comic book title based on the popular 1980s animated Voltron series.  The new Voltron: Year One comic will be written by Brandon Thomas and illustrated by Craig Cermak with covers by Admira Wijaya and Jonathan Lau.
Evidently it took only one issue to confirm the success of the Dynamite’s first Voltron comic (see “Dynamite’s Voltron Launches in December”), and pave the way for a second series that will debut it April. In the new Voltron: Year One, Thomas, who also writes Dynamite’s other Voltron comic, will chronicle the saga of the future Voltron Force crew back when they were “Space Explorer Squadron #686” of the Galaxy Alliance—four young men led by Commander Sven and tasked with keeping the Earth safe in an increasingly dangerous universe.
Dynamite has licensed its Voltron comics from World Events Productions and Classic Media.  The original 124-episode Voltron animated series was co-produced by World Events Productions and Toei Animation.  It originally aired as Voltron: Defender of the Universe in syndication from 1984 to 1985.