Vertical Publishing has revealed that it will allow its Twin Spica manga series, which completed with the recently released Volume 11, to go out of print, the first Vertical title to meet that fate.  The company explained the reason on its Facebook page, saying: “The reason for that is due to a complete lack of interest from readers... There was no word of mouth, despite it receiving some of the best reviews and accolades for manga in the last two years.” One of those great reviews was right here on ICv2 (see "Review of 'Twin Spica' Vol. 1 TP (Manga)").
But sales did not follow.  The Vertical posts also described sales at cons, where he said he “was lucky to sell one copy over the entire 12 volume series.  Which is shocking given how almost everything else, even titles that sell at a lower rate than Twin Spica, sell out regularly over con weekends.”
For stores where the series did find readers, time is running out to keep the series in stock.