IDW Publishing had two surprises for the comics and games worlds last week around licensed properties: Mars Attacks and Magic: The Gathering.  The Mars Attacks prank was of shorter duration.  ICv2 was sent a press release last Thursday announcing that IDW Publishing and The Topps Company were collaborating on a Mars Attacks! Broadway musical by seeking seeking “a high-profile director/songwriter team,” with John Layman writing.  ICv2 published a story based on that release, which has since been removed based on the news today that the release was an April Fools joke.
IDW Publishing also had a surprise switcheroo on its Magic: The Gathering inserts last week, as it switched the cards that it and Wizards of the Coast had announced as inserts in its Magic: The Gathering #3 and #4 issues.  The cards were announced by both WotC and IDW as being "Electrolyze" in Magic: The Gathering #3 and "Feast of Blood" in issue #4 (see "Cards from 'Magic' #3 and #4").  But issue #3, released last week, included "Feast of Blood," wtih "Electrolyze" apparently slated for issue #4.  IDW didn't announce that surprise as a prank, but given the date, who knows?!