Kodansha announced that it will begin publishing Battle Angel Alita, and added two new manga titles, all to launch late this year.  Kodansha will begin publishing Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, by Yukito Kishiro, with volume 16 in December.  The series was previously published by Viz. Movie rights are controlled by uber-director James Cameron, who's been planning a new film based on the property for years, although it now seems like it may be some time before he gets to it (see "Cameron Signs for Two 'Avatar' Sequels").

'Missions of Love'
Missions of Love, by Ema Toyama (I Am Here!, Pixie Pop), will launch in November.  Originally published as Watashi ni xx Shinasai!, it’s a high school romance between a cell phone novelist and a perfect but  womanizing guy.

Danza, a collection of six short stories by Natsume Ono (House of Five Leaves and Ristorante Paradiso, both published by Viz), will be released in December.