Comic writer and author Chris Roberson finally spoke out Wednesday on his departure from DC and the reaction in a lengthy interview with Tim Hodler titled "This Has Been Building" at The Comics Journal.  In it, Roberson detailed the reasons for deciding not to work for DC any more (see "Chris Roberson Leaves DC"), citing DC's aggressive strategy against the attorney for the estates of Superman creators Siegel and Schuster (see "Warner Bros. Wins Key Point in Case Against Toberoff").  But it was apparently another recent event that finally moved him to his decision.  "[T]he real kind of proverbial straw that broke the camel's back," he told The Comics Journal, "was the announcement at the beginning of February of Before Watchmen, which I just thought was unconscionable."
Roberson was shocked by the reaction to the Tweets in which he described his feelings about DC last week, both because he had previously said similar things in podcasts, and because he didn't think anyone would notice his Twitter feed, which was not followed by large numbers.  But reaction on blogs and fan sites was fast and furious.  "I'm not walking back from those statements in the slightest," he said in the interview, "but I was in no way prepared for the kind of response it got."
Not only did the public and business react, so did DC, which fired him "within two hours" of the appearance of the quote on Bleeding Cool, the first site to pick up his Tweets (see "DC Speeds Roberson's Departure").
Roberson talks about his future, his feelings about Marvel, and more in the interview.  In the wrap-up, Hodler asks if he has any regrets, and Roberson said he has none.  Acknowledging that his role at DC was limited ("I'm a very small fish," he says), he expresses hope that the reaction will "cause more people to continue asking questions, and ideally lead more creators to express their feelings if they disagree with what’s going on."