Comic-Con News: At Marvel’s "Next Big Thing" panel at Comic-Con it was announced that, starting with issue #58, the Red She-Hulk will take over the Hulk comic written by Jeff Parker.  Not only will the Red She-Hulk take over as the protagonist of the series, the name of the comic will change to Red She-Hulk with issue #58.  The Red She-Hulk is Betty Ross, the only daughter of General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross.  She appeared first as the Red She-Hulk in Hulk Vol.2 #15 in September of 2009 in a story from the creative team of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness.
Jeff Parker will continue to write the Red She-Hulk comic and Carlo Pagulayan will provide the art. Marvel’s Arune Singh was very reticent about what will bring about the change in focus for the book and what will happen to those involved except to say about the events that occur in the book, "It’s going to be very, very important for Hulk moving forward."  Nothing definitive was said about what happens to the Red Hulk, though it was noted that "his expertise is required in another place."