Comic Con News:  One of the most interesting bits at the "Marvel Studios" panel was Edgar Wright showing off his Ant-Man test footage (see "'Ant-Man' Test Reel"), but no firm dates concerning long-gestating Hank Pym movie, which was announced back in 2006 (see "Marvel Movie Slate Takes Shape"), were revealed at the panel.  Still the inclusion of Wright and the presentation of his test footage, which was well-received by the Comic-Con audience, was a pretty clear indication that Marvel Studios is serious about making the film, and Wright did come up with a catchy slogan for movie, "Ant-Man will kick your ass one inch at a time."
Today Wright’s frequent collaborator Simon Pegg let the cat out of the bag with this tweet: "Okay, to be absolutely clear we start shooting World’s End (note: which Edgar Wright is directing with Pegg and Nick Frost starring), 10 weeks from now, then @edgar wright will shoot Ant-Man next year."
No casting decisions for the Ant-Man film have been announced yet, but if it is, as would appear likely from Pegg's tweet, going to be shot next year, the first casting announcements should be forthcoming over the next couple of months.