The story of Comic-Con 2012 in pictures begins with preview night, a look at some of the promotions outside the convention, and the first full day Thursday.  See also Part 1, Part 3, and Part 4.

One of many Poison Ivy's at the show, as a friend looks on.

An elevator at the Omni promotes Game of Thrones.

Two years ago, Image comic Elephantman was one of the few properties using the pedicabs as a way to promote (see "Comic-Con Spreads Out").   Now major companies (in this case, Square Enix) are buying up fleets.

This group promotes Amazon imprint 47North.

Here a Simpsons-themed pedicab wheels past the IGN headquarters at the Hard Rock.

An outdoor installation promotion Elysium, a 2013 science fiction film starring Matt Damon and Jody Foster.

A restaurant take-over promoting NBC's Grimm.

The remake of Robocop (see "House to Play 'Robocop' Villain") hasn't even started production yet, but marketing outside Comic-Con has begun.

This outdoor installation promotes NBC's new series Revolution.

Ears and ink ornament this Thursday con-goer.

There's plenty of surfing in San Diego, but the Silver Surfer was at the Con.

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