Marvel Comics has released images of John Casaday’s costume redesigns for three important X-Men characters for their new Marvel Now incarnations.  MTV Geek was the first to show off these costume designs, one of which, a far more heavily clothed Scarlet Witch is sure to cause controversy with its "denial of fan service."
The Scarlet Witch has kept her trademark tiara, but she is now also keeping more of her "charms" under wraps with a full-length coat that certainly gives her a more "civilian" as opposed to a "superhero" look.  Of the three designs revealed this week it is Wanda’s that is likely to precipitate the most weeping and gnashing of teeth among the fanboys who are undoubtedly ruing the loss of her previous gravity-defying costume that always appeared to be hugely impractical even for a superheroine since it always seemed to be on the verge of a "wardrobe malfunction."
Cassaday’s other designs are less controversial.  He has gone back to Michael Golden’s original design for Rogue, who is now seen in a modern version of her original hooded costume.  Cassaday also revisited Neal Adams original design for Havok with its concentric circle power effect and somber black suit.  Gone are the glowing power rings that made the character look like a refugee from a Tron movie, and Cassaday tweaked Havok’s headgear as well.