Marvel Comics has provided fans with a first look at the second issue of the Marvel NOW! series Uncanny X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo.  As Marvel has previously indicated Cyclops and his band of survivors in Uncanny X-Men are determined to lead a new revolution to safeguard mutant kind (see "Frazier Irving Brings 'Revolution' to 'Uncanny X-Men'"), and yet their efforts may be thwarted by the presence of a traitor in their midst (see "'Uncanny X-Men' Have a Traitor in Their Midst").
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As Marvel put it in the press release accompanying this preview art: "Unaware there’s a traitor in their midst, the new team of X-Men brought together by Cyclops enact the first step of their mutant revolution--which means finding out who has let loose a new army of Sentinels.  The truth will shock you! But just what does all this mean for Emma Frost?"
Here’s another example of the art from issue #2.

More unlettered preview art.