The latest teaser for Marvel Comics’ major crossover event, Age of Ultron, shows a brooding Hawkeye shown in full shadow apparently walking away from the same sort of ruined city background that has been on display in all four of the Age of Ultron teasers revealed so far.  The illustration also features The Age of Ultron motto, "Submit or Perish," an ultimatum that, given the fact that Iron Man and She-Hulk were shown in combat mood, might perhaps indicate that Hawkeye has chosen for whatever reason, to live on, perhaps to fight another day.
As with the case with She-Hulk (and most obviously with Iron Man), it appears that Hawkeye’s costume is different than what we have seen before.  Is this the result of what happens during the Age of Ultron event, or perhaps an indication that the Ultron events take place in a different Marvel universe?  Check out the previous teasers featuring Iron Man, She-Hulk, Black Widow, and Red Hulk.
The 10-issue Age of Ultron , which writer Brian Michael Bendis claims has an "unforeseeable ending," kicks off in March with 3 issues followed by two issues per month after that.