IDW Publishing has announced the April debut of a new D&D miniseries, Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter, a new five-issue comic book series written by the veteran team of D&D scribes R.A. and Geno Salvatore.  David Baldeon will provide the interior art with Steve Ellis creating the covers for the series.
While the narrative of the Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter miniseries can stand on its own, it also will provide insights and elements that will be reflected in Salvatore’s ongoing series of D&D novels encompassing The Legend of Drizzt.  As Salvatore explained the relationship between his comic book work and his novels, "These comic series have become a wonderful tool for me to fill in the blanks and to crystallize my thoughts on the Legend of Drizzt novels going forward.  The fallout from the twisting events in Neverwinter Tales not only came into play in the last couple of Drizzt books, but allowed me a strong plot line for an upcoming novel I’ve yet to pen.  The same is true for Cutter – I see it already.  So while these comic stories are self-contained, they open up to the wider stories going forward."