Vertigo has announced that the new Neil Gaiman Sandman miniseries (see “Gaiman to Write New ‘Sandman’ Series”), The Sandman: Overture will launch October 30 with an oversized issue with an interior gatefold. 

Dave McKean, who did the covers for the original Gaiman-penned Sandman series, will do covers for Overture, along with new series artist J.H. Williams. Promo art (top image) and cover (second image), provided by DC.

The new series will be bi-monthly, and will alternate with The Sandman: Overture Special Edition, which will include Gaiman scripts, concept art and sketches by Williams, interviews with the creative team, and other extras.

The Sandman: Overture will get a big push at San Diego Comic-Con, where a McKean Sandman illo will grace the Souvenir Book and an official t-shirt.  A 25th anniversary panel will feature Gaiman, McKean, and original series artists Sam Kieth, and a separate panel will be devoted to all things Gaiman.