Jimmy Palmiotti is taking the sexy comic book character Painkiller Jane to Marvel’s creator-owned Icon line.  Palmiotti created the character with Joe Quesada (now Marvel’s chief creative officer) in 1995 for Event Comics.  The saga of the nearly indestructible heroine has been made into a TV film (broadcast on Sci-Fi in 2005) and then a TV series that lasted for just one season on Sci Fi Channel in 2007.
The move to Icon is interesting since that line, which features creator-owned titles that are more "mature" in nature than the typical mainstream Marvel, has been bleeding creators over the past few years as Image Comics and other independent companies have become the preferred publisher havens for creator-owned work.
Palmiotti told Comic Book Resources that he has finished a screenplay for a new Painkiller Jane movie that is far truer to the original comic book character than either the film or the TV series.  Having the title published by Marvel certainly shouldn’t hamper Palmiotti’s attempts to shop the script in Hollywood.