Here’s the story of Friday at Comic-Con in pictures.  See also Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, for Wednesday night and Thursday.

NOTE: Any image can be clicked for a larger view.

Here come the Judges.

Marketing extended to the skies over the San Diego Convention Center--the "Despicablimp" can be seen advertising the Despicable Me 2 movie.

Buses weren't the only tricked out things on the roads; here we seen the Shonen Jump pick-up truck.

A good turnout at the Kim Thompson memorial panel (see "R.I.P. Kim Thompson").

The group of young ladies provide their own unique take on classic Disney characters.

Stan still draws a crowd, here signing and on the big screen at the Marvel booth.

The curvaceous Jessica Rabbit, in the house.

And hanging with Domo.

Just another day at Comic-Con--a large cat wearing clothes breezes past two Beast Hunters near the Hasbro booth.

Galactus, along with Psylocke and Rogue.

A friendly costume ensemble.

He Man, Shazam ("New 52"), and Superman (Kingdom Come), ready for action outside the Convention Center.

Giant Teen Titans (TV) inflatables lined the open area in front of the Hilton Bayfront.

Nice branding for the TV show sponsoring, from the front wheel to the back end, but what’s the deal with the furry riding along?

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