Update:  Hibbs reached out to let us know that there was no connection between his comments about DC's handling of its Villains Month issues and his decision to leave ComicsPro.  "While I am absolutely disappointed by the Board, yet again, in regards of the 'Villains Month' fiasco, there is no direct line between the two events," he said.  "My membership came up due about a month ago, and I declined to renew it then."  In response to clarifying questions, Hibbs said that the ComicsPro board's reaction to DC's initiation of digital release before print last November (see “DC Struggling with Release Times”) was a primary reason for not renewing his membership. 

Original article:
Founding member Brian Hibbs has announced that he is ending his membership in retailer organization ComicsPro “because of the reactions of the Board to recent DC moves.” 

“I’m no longer a member of the organization as of this month,” Hibbs posted in the comments area of an article he wrote about DC’s allocations of its 3D covers in September (see “DC Says 3-D Motion Covers Will Be Allocated”).  The article, posted on SavageCritics.com, was titled “The Staggeringly epic Incompetence of DC Entertainment;” Hibbs’ views on the DC allocations are clear. 

In an additional comment, Hibbs said, “The org that I formed was intended to look out for the little guy; the current Board seems much more interested in keeping the big guys big.  Democracy in action, I suppose, so I vote with my dollars.”