After actor Simon Pegg tweeted a photo of himself at the Marvel Comics offices pointing at a picture of Ant-Man, the Net went wild with stories indicating that this little visual teaser was evidence that Pegg would indeed incarnate Hank Pym when Pegg’s good friend and frequent collaborator Edgar Wright begins shooting his Ant-Man film for Marvel Studios (see "Disney Slates 'Ant-Man' Movie For Nov. 15, 2015").  Given the friendship and working relationship between Wright and Pegg, the rumors had a certain ring of plausibility about them.
But then the fun and games began as Pegg tweeted "All I did was point at the central character in my dear friend’s next movie, because I am excited for him," but the actor couldn’t help but add a little tweak by using the hashtag #imantman, before almost immediately issuing a correction, saying "it was supposed to be #imnotantman."
Clearly having fun with the internet rumorstorm that he created, Pegg then added "I am however going to play Antnan, a film about a tiny grandmother," and used the hashtag #imantnan.

Since an "Aunt Nan" movie might appear to be somewhat far-fetched, Pegg then teased a non-existent film project, "Why is no one talking about the real news sweeping the Internet, Edgar Wright to helm Thundercats for Fox."
Then Wright got into the act with his own meta-tweet, "THR Breaking: Simon Pegg offered role of Batman in WB pictures Superman vs. Batman," before heading to the outer reaches of absurdity with "THR Breaking Simon Pegg and Nick Frost offered Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey movie."